Another way to buy a boat is from an individual. There are several different ways to do this. Some look in the newspaper, Craigslist, eBay, word of mouth, etc. The best way is to buy from a reputable dealer who actually inspects the boat, gives a test ride, helps with the financing, and has the owner fix items that may not work properly. The owner may not have even known that a part was failing. An inspection and a test drive before buying does help to eliminate future problems. At Arnold's, we are glad to do all the above and both the owner and buyer can have confidence that the sale does not happen until the paperwork and service has been completed. 

Call us if you are a boat owner and we will be glad to represent your boat in a professional manner. We will review the brokerage agreement over the phone or in person and show you the value of why boaters list with us. We will keep you informed of all offers.
If you are looking for a used boat, please review the used boat list or call us and we give you all the details of a particular boat. Potential customers may call and we may not have exactly what they want. We will put their names on our list and keep them updated on future deliveries. We are happy to do this even if it may mean buying a boat later in the season. Brokerage boats come in all different sizes, colors, and prices. So even if a cruiser, runabout, or pontoon is not listed on our site, call us and we may have exactly the boat you wanted, within your budget, and it was just delivered. Happens all the time. Please take your time to review what we have in stock. Hear from you then.